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The JSA is an international platform where academicians, scholars, and students contribute to enabling a better world. JSA always welcomes any endeavors to be fitted with its core objectives from social science. The journey of JSA began in 2017 when it has taken some policies to meet all its standards and as a matter of policy. As a sister concern, The JSA Journal will continue to emphasize quality research and original contribution.

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Fabricated Information and Hesitancy: A Global Challenge for COVID-19 Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic cohort is accosting a severe challenge to implement mass vaccination around the world. Due to the misleading and fabricated information, vaccine hesitancy is impeding the battle against the pandemic. Read more….

Fabricated Information and Hesitancy A Global Challenge for COVID-19 Vaccination
Impact of COVID-19 on Global Tourism

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Tourism

The global natural resources are shrinking every day owing to excessive extraction and massive industrial production. This vicious cycle has been going on ever since the industrial revolution. Hence human civilization is exploring for new renewable and sustainable way of living for a while. From late 19th century and hereafter tourism is playing emergent role to the global economy, Read more….

Risk assessment of Monkeypox

Monkeypox (MPX) does not spread easily between people. Human-to-human transmission occurs through close contact with infectious material from skin lesions of an infected person, through respiratory droplets in prolonged face-to-face contact, and through fomites. The predominance, in the current outbreak, of diagnosed humans, Read more…

Risk assessment Monkeypox multi-country outbreak
Ukraine crisis disproportionately affecting older people

Ukraine crisis disproportionately affecting older people

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine between the Government and armed groups is disproportionately harming older people, especially older women and older people with disabilities, according to a new UN report. An estimated 30% of people (more than one million) affected by the conflict since 2014 are older people, Read more…


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